Ancillary Services

Jackson Architects offer a full range of services including architectural services and ancillary services for new builds, alterations, reuse and interiors. 

1 Feasibility Studies

For commercial developments.
Bulk and locations.
Budget estimates by professional quantity surveyor.

2 Site Topography Survey

Providing levels and site contours.
Services plans as existing. 

3 Inspection Services

House and commercial inspections.
Pre-purchase inspection.
Deferred maintenance inspections/condition reports. 

4 Existing Building Plans

Obtain any Council records.
Verify on site/measure up.
CAD draft plans, elevations. 

5 Fire Design Reports

Based on NZBC C clauses.
Non specific fire design.
Referral/liaison with fire engineers.

6 Resource Consents

Review of rules.
Assessment of effects.
Obtain specialist reports as required.

Engage specialist planner if required.

7 Project Presentation

CAD 3D model and images.
Model making.
Artist impressions  -  watercolour.
Powerpoint presentations.

8 Building Consent Applications

Provide documents.
Complete forms.
Respond to queries.

9 Interior Design/Colour Schemes

Colour scheme and colour boards.
Furniture selections and schedules.
Blinds and drapes schedules.
Interior fittings.

10 Post Occupancy Evaluations

Conducted with various groups:
Users, owners, consultants
Written report for future ongoing improvement

11 Environmentally Sustainable Design

Evaluation of sustainability issues.
Reference to relevant Green Star tools.
Liaise with professional energy assessment
modelling consultants, if required.