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About Jackson Architects

An architect is a valuable partner, providing innovative and practical support, who will make sure your project meets your needs and stands the passage of time.

We are passionate about our projects and uphold longstanding traditions of creativity, innovation and professional excellence.

Good architecture is about more than just buildings. It is about the people who use them and the environment they reside in. Many people think that an architect is engaged for aesthetic reasons only. In fact, an architect’s role goes far beyond design and they oversee all the significant technical and administrative components of your project.

It is important to ask the right questions:
Why are you embarking on this journey? What are your expectations of your architect? What do you like and dislike? How do you envisage your building being used in the long term?

Open, honest communication will help create a brief that is satisfying for everyone and will form the basis for a successful, ongoing relationship with your architect. Your architect knows the best practice and can observe the quality of construction, as well as point out any potential issues that may arise.

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